Voice of pope Francis, Put on your trainers



WORDS FOR LIFE        Put on your trainers!


  1. In life there is a paralysis dangerous and difficult both to uncover and identify. I’d like to call it an «illness» which arises when we confuse a sofa with happiness. Some believe we need a sofa to be happy. A sofa (there are now some with automatic massaging devices!) can help us to feel comfortable, calm and safe, thereby providing us with many uninterrupted hours playing videogames, watching «soaps» or on the computer – all a veritable waste of time!
  2. My friends, Jesus doesn’t advocate comfort, security or convenience, but rather the taking of risks and going into the unknown. To follow Jesus, you’ve got to be courageous and brave enough to leave the sofa and put on your trainers. These will take you along paths you have never dreamed of or expected and open up new horizons which will infuse and fill your heart with gestures of God’s joy and mercy.



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