Greetings sep 19

After an intense long summer consisting of visits to family and friends and perhaps taking a well -earned holiday to relax we now encounter a new season in our parish with the true aspi-ration to respond to God’s generosity ,do to this however we require the help of the members in the parish.

We ask and recommend that all families bring their children to enrol and participate in Catechesis . It is a wonderful challenge for the community of Calvario to pray for and welcome fami-lies and their little ones with warmth and enthusiasm so that they too may have the wonderful chance of truly meeting Jesus and embracing him in their hearts and lives reliving the same spiritual experience as Blessed Charles de Foucauld who stated “ I barely recognised the presence of God in my life and then I began to realise that I could only live for him”.

Throughout the autumn term there will be various separate re-treats of Emmaus for women, men and children, these retreats provide an excellent opportunity to meet intimately with the Lord, and realise that he is with us amidst the trials and tribu-lations of our lives.

We begin this new term with the sincere desire to bring the Good News of the Gospel to the youth, the future generation of the Church so that they may acknowledge that through the Lord alone and His word they main obtain the priceless gift of eternal life.

It is also our duty to encourage married couples to renew their marriage vows and commitment to each other so that they may truly be living sanctuaries for life , hope and love in society in which we live.

Finally I wish you all a very happy September with God’s bles-sings.

Rafael Rodriguez Sainz de Rozas.

Parish priest of Santa Cristo de Calvario.


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