Sister Glenda’s visit to our parish

On Sunday the 16th of December at 6 pm we were blessed with the presence of Sister Glenda in our Parish of Calvario who presented us with a beautiful concert of musical prayer.
This particular concert was titled “Nade te Tur-be”, which is also the name attributed to sisters latest CD. Sister Glenda is well known throu-ghout the Spanish speaking world for her beau-tiful voice and spiritual lyrics which inspire the Soul through the gift of the Holy Spirit, they have been known to be life changing.

Many fans came to listen to her including two women who travelled all the way from Algeciras. One of the women who beamed radiantly ex-plained how Sister Glenda’s music had allevia-ted her from a deep depression , the woman said that sisters music had been a form of healing and consolation ,she felt if it had not been for this grace she would not be here today .
Sisters lyrics are based on Biblical texts and are designed to give comfort and strength to all tho-se who are suffering from a wide range of hards-hips including illness, economic distress, family matters and the passing of a loved one. The the-mes reveal Gods ever enduring love and cons-tancy ,his mercy , strength and guidance. They enable us to realise that through prayer and his Divine Grace we can free our hearts form sin , from jealousy, greed , unforgiveness,avarice and selfishness. Through her words sister Glenda ele-vates our trust in and love for God.
The concert began with the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in a tranquil atmosphere, the only illumination were the flickering candles by the altar which highlighted the fact that God was truly in our midst. Through her heartfelt words Sister Glenda elevated our confidence in the Lord drawing us closer to Him, enabling us to direct our prayers towards Him, to request the freedom of our hearts from sin, greed ,avarice , pride, envy and selfishness. Towards the end of each song, sisters voice became softer and softer , whispering in prayer to God. Accompanied by her guitar Sister Glenda’s songs helped us to un-der go a deep spiritual conversion to open our Eyes to the Lord.
During the event our parish priest Father Rafael and another priest were very busy in the confes-sionals as the concert impelled many to confess their sins to be reconciled with the Lord, to

cleanse their hearts. It was an extremely emo-tional evening and tears welled up in the eyes of many who attended.
Below is an example of Sisters Glenda’s lyrics.
“The Lord is my light and salvation with him by my side I no longer walk in the darkness. When I am afraid he is my refuge, my stronghold. Why then Lord am I afraid for I know that nothing is impossible with You, no circumstance I face is un – bearable in Your presence.
The Lord is my Shepherd their is nothing I shall want ,He will lead me to rest in green pastures . No matter what happens no-one , nothing, can take a way the peace I find in the Lord “ Nade te turbe” . Although I sometimes stumble along the path of life he will always pick me up and sustain me. The Lord is not deaf to my prayers or oblivious to my suffering, we must be patient because the Lord will always answer at the right time in the best way for us , with God by our side we want for nothing.”
As the concert came to a close we received the Lord’s blessing and we gave Sister Glenda a big round of applause .
We pray that the Lord will continue to guide and protect Sister Glenda that he will continue to use her as a pure channel to spread the Good News of the Gospel through the World helping all tho-se who cross her path and encouraging others to do Gods will and accept his love in to their lives.
Ginés Ros

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