Holy Mass For World Youth Day Krakow



“God is always on our side ”

At times in our lives, we aim lower rather than higher.At those times, it is good to realize that God remains faithful, even obstinate, in his love for us. The fact is, he loves us even more than we love ourselves.He believes in us even more than we believe in ourselves.He is always “cheering us on”; he is our biggest fan.He is there for us, waiting with patience and hope, even when we turn in on ourselves and brood over our troubles and past injuries.But such brooding is unworthy of our spiritual stature!It is a kind ofand blocking everything; it closes doors and prevents us from getting up and starting over.God, on the other hand, is hopelessly hopeful!He believes that we can always get up, and he hates to see us glum and gloomy.It is sad to see young people who are glum.Because we are always his beloved sons and daughters.Let us be mindful of this at the dawn of each new day.It will do us good to pray every morning: “Lord, I thank you for loving me; I am sure that you love me; help me to be in love with my own life!”Not with my faults, that need to be corrected, but with life itself, which is a great gift, for it is a time to love and to be loved.



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Photo of Pope Francis on World Youth Day taken by our Parish group in Krakow

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