During the tenure of Reverend José Lebrón as Parish priest , in 1992, the first choir of the church was organized.  It was made up of the best singers from those who were being prepared for their Confirmation and included Sor Cesita (from the Community of María Auxiliadora of Marbella), with  her marvellous voice and later the young, charming Encarnita Moreno.  The 12 o’clock Sunday Holy Masses and other feast days, when they sang together with the Congregation, were particularly memorable.

The creation of the present day’s three choirs, owes much to the work of Reverend Claudio Barbut with his slogan «whoever sings has already prayed twice » from Saint Agustin.


The Family Choir
This one was the first one to be set up by Don Claudio who said that it was important to have a choir to enliven the parishioners and the liturgical celebration of the Holy Mass.

Accordingly, on the anniversary of Don Claudio’s first year as Parish Priest, the Family Choir was set up and sang for the first time on September 8th 2008. Since then this choir has participated in many events and celebrations,  especially known for the Holy Masses of Thursday  afternoons and Sundays at 12:00 pm.

The Rocio Choir
This  was formed by Don Claudio and sang for the first time in the fair of San Bernabé in 2010.

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Since then the choir participates in the Holy Masses of Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and still continues to do so.

International Choir
On account of Marbella being a city of great cultural and linguistic diversity, the need arose to create an International Choir to invite and welcome all the nationalities who live here. Therefore, an International Choir was formed under the leadership of Father Joe. They sing ever Sunday in the 11:00 am Holy Mass.

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Much has been achieved over the years thanks to the hard work and endeavour of the many people who have been in the three choirs. They are in our hearts and memory and form part of our little history -as well as those who join any of the choirs in the future.

Should you be interested in participating in one of our choirs, you are welcome to come and join us. The choir practices are:
The family choir: Tuesdays 20:00 -21:00 hours and Saturdays 17:00 -18:15
The Rocio choir: Wednesdays 18:00 – 19:15 hours and Saturdays 18:15-19:15
The International choir: Wednesdays 18: 30 -19:15

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