Voice of pope Benedict XVI, Eucharistic adoration

Benedicto XVI y la Eucaristía-1


Angelus— 10th-June-2007:

In life today, often noisy and dispersive, it is more important than ever to recover the capacity for inner silence and recollection. Eucharistic adoration permits this not only centred on the «I» but more so in the company of that «You» full of love who is Jesus Christ, «the God who is near to us». May the Virgin Mary, the Woman of the Eucharist, introduce us into the secret of true adoration. Her humble and simple heart was ever pondering the mystery of Jesus, in whom she adored the presence of God and of his redeeming love. May faith in the Eucharistic Mystery, joy in participating in Holy Mass, especially on Sundays, and enthusiasm in witnessing to Christ’s immense love grow throughout the Church through her intercession.

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