Saints´Feast Days Coming Up, XXII Sunday in ordinary time



The Feast day of the Martyrdom of John the Baptist—August 29th:   On this feast day we are focused on Johns martyrdom and beheading , John died for the faith for which he lived . The consequences of his heralding the Good News of the Gospel and a call to righteousness lost him his life. John was the last prophet of the Old Testament and the first of the New, he was» a voice crying out in the wilderness» that heralded the coming of the Messiah and prepared the way for Christ´s greater baptism in Fire and the Holy Spirit with abaptism of repentance. John wasdedicated to God and His Word. John wasfor openly opposing the marriage of Herod Agrippa to his brother PhillipsHerodias while Phillip was still living . Herod found him a threat but at the same time John´s preaching kindled something in his heart. A year later Herod was celebratingbirthday,Salome the daughter ofdanced for him, he was so pleased with her that he told her thatwould grant her anything she desired. Herodias had sought revenge on John for a long time and told her daughter to request the head of John the Baptist on a dish.TheKing was not pleased he respected Johnhe did not want to lose favour with his guests so consequentlywas decapitated and his head brought to Salome upon a platter. At the Visitation whenwith the Christ child in her wombJohn leaped for joy in his own mothers wombfilled with the Holy spirit, his death and life were a giving over for God and other people.


Saint Felix and Adauctus – Feast Day August 30 th:  Felix and Adauctus were legendary Christian martyrs who were said to have suffered persecution under the rule of the Roman Emperors Diocletian and Maximian in the early fourth century. According to legend although no corresponding historical details can bewas a Roman Christianwho refused to offer Sacrifices to the Roman gods. Due to his disobedience he was brought before the prefect Dracus to the paganof Serapis , Mercury and Diana. While Felix prayed to God it is said that the pagan idols shattered and fell to the ground. Due to his defiance and this incident he was led to execution ,on the way to his deathunknown Roman Christian joined him ,he was given the name Adauctus which means the oneon.Adauctus is often depicted as a Roman soldier in art and was also crowned a martyr.veneration is very old, they are commemorated in the Sacramentary of St Gregory the Great and in the ancient martyrologies. The major shrine is situated in St Stephens in Vienna where their relics were transferred to in 1361.


Saint Pope Gregory the Great -Feast Day September 3rd.  Gregory was a Doctor of the Latin Church and Bishop of Rome from 590 until his death in 604. He was born in to a prestigious family with strong connections but after the death of his father he sold his propertyworldly goods, transforming his family home in to a monastery which he dedicated to the apostle Andrew. In 586 he became abbot of this community. In 590 he became the first monk ever to be appointed Pope. He gave himself the title «servant of the servants of God» which has been retained by theof Christsince. Also described as the » Apostle to the English he is noted for his great missionary work to convert Anglo Saxons to Christianity through the cooperation of Saint Augustine. He is well remembered for his great theological works including his «English letters» and various instructional dialogues which incorporate his writings on «Pastoral Care «. Gregoryalso renown for his specialised musical compositions to God and gave his name to the Gregorian chant. He died of natural causes in Rome aged 64. St Gregory is the patron saint of students, musicians and teachers.


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