He Was Born To Love God



Last Tuesday (16th August) we celebrated the Second Anniversary of his Ordination, firstly with a Thanksgiving Mass which was very well attended, and then with a supper in his honour prepared by the parishioners. This 30 year old Ugandan priest, with his ready smile and his warm words, is very open and welcoming to all. We wish him all the best.

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In a short interview we had with Father Alex, he told us his desire to become a priest dated right back to his kindergarten days. He remembered telling his father he wanted to become a priest when he was seven. However, he had to wait until he was 13 years old before entering a Junior Seminary in Soroki, Uganda. After studying Philosophy in Kampala (Ugandan capital), he then did Theology in Pamplona. Not only was he born to love God and all people from his early infancy but he is also blessed and committed in his work as a priest.

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