Saints´Feast Days Coming Up, XXI Sunday in ordinary time


Feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary-August 22nd:  The feast of Mary´s Queenship is a recent institution even though it is ancient in origin and devotion . It was established by the Venerable Pius X11 in 1954 at the end of the Marian year. Theof Mary as Queen of heaven and earth has its roots in scripture beginning at the Annunciation where the angel Gabriel announced that Mary`s son would receive the throne of David and rule for ever. Mary is Queen through Divine providence through Gods Choice andof her unique association with her Son the «King of Kings «both during her earthly journey as well as her heavenly glory.the of God points to Jesus as our life of salvation and hope. Mary´s Queenship is one of service and love to humanity she is theQueen of Love who lives out her gift of self to God in order to enter in to His plan of redemption for mankind. On the same day as her Assumption Jesus took His mother to a throne next to his placed a crown of 12 stars her head and proclaimed Her Queen of the Universe. The Assumption of Mary is the 5th mystery of the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

Saint Monica. Feast Day 27th of August.  Saint Monica was born in 331 ADin Souk Ahras in Algeria, she was an early Christian saint and mother of Saint Augustine.Monica was married to Patriciusan older pagan Roman official who was noted for his terrible temper and reputation with women. As a devout Christian she spent many hours in prayer performingacts. Monica had 3 children but her son Augustine was lazy and wayward favouringthe ways of the world. When Patricius died Monica never married again but devoted her life to Augustine and saving his soul. Monica shed many tears over her sona holy bishop is recorded saying to her » a child of those tears shall never perish». It was through Monicas persistence and petitions to God the Augustine finally after 17 years of resistance turned back to. Walking out of the darkness in to the light of Christ hetook monastic existence later to be ordained as Bishop of Hippo. Monica died in Ostia in Italy in 387 ADbut her body was transferred later to the Augustinian Basilica of St Agustino in Rome. Monica is the patron saint of diificult marriages and of the conversion of family members.

Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo- Feast Day 28th August. Augustine was a Latin Father and Doctor of the Church , theologian ,philosopher and bishop. He born in Tagaste Algeria in 345 AD andthe son of a Christian mother St Monica and pagan father Patricius. At an early age he left home to study law and rhetoric and became a Manicheanthe doctrine that everything springs from the opposing principals of light and darkness. He lived alife in the arms of a mistress completely abandoning Christianity,various theoretical ideas including Platonism.However Augustine became disillusionedwith his lifeand with the intervention of his mother and St Ambrose who was then the Bishop of Milan he underwent his great conversion to Christianity , aspiritual conversion probably considered the second greatest after that of St Paul in the history of the Church. Augustine´sconflict is revealed in all its anguish in his most famous work » Confessions». In 387 Augustine was baptised andwent on to be ordained as a priest by Valerius the Bishop of Hippo. After the bishops death he succeeded to full bishopric which he held for the rest of his life.Augustine´s followerspursued an austere life of prayer with a strict moral code. He died in Hippo in 430 AD and his teachings soon gained popularity world wide. He is the patron saint of theologians.


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