A Big Thank you From Caritas of Santo Cristo del Calvario Parish, Marbella

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A BIG THANK YOU from CARITAS (Santo Cristo del Calvario Parish, Marbella)

Caritas, based in the Parish of Santo Cristo del Calvario of Marbella, heartily thanks not only those who attended the Charity Dinner on the 6th of August but also those who worked to make it such a success and contributed financially.

The amount raised reached 5640€!!

Our commitment continues to be to the most needy and to ensure that the funds are administered in all fairness and justice.
Furthermore, our gratitude goes out to:
Lepanto Cakeshop, Custodio Cakeshop,
La Canasta Bakery, Camilo’s Bakery, Jaime’s Butchery, Panrico, Luque School Outfitters, Don Carlos Hotel, Guadalmina Hotel, Sultán Hotel, Don Pepe Hotel, Marbella Club, El Fuerte Hotel, Santiago’s Seafood Restaurant, Da Bruno Restaurant, Jamones Ibéricos of Pilar González and La Venencia.

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