Greetings P. Rafael november 2018

“Saying with a loud voice, Have fear of God and give him glory; because the hour of his judging is come; and give worship to him who made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of water.” (Revelation 14,7)

Fear of God in the biblical tradition means due respect to God and not to fear. The month of November is the month in which the Church dedicates it to the eternal truths; personal judgment, universal judgment, hell, purgatory and heaven.

This consideration must serve us to remind us that our life is a gift from God and that we have to put our talents and gifts to better serve God and our neighbors.

During this month we remember and pray for all our deceased family members, therefore we offer prayers, sacrifices and the Holy Mass for all of them.

Rest In Peace.

Rafael Rodríguez Sainz de Rozas Parish Priest El Calvario Marbella


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