Biographical sketch D. Manuel Reina Fernández

The region of Sierra Sur, close to the Sevilian flat land, in Estepa, Manuel Reina Fernandez, a friend, was born eighty years ago.

He arrived to Marbella while still very young, he was the amiable face, who would professionally and with care welcome all those tourists who began to disembark into our little town. He continued with this task up-to his retirement, being recognized as the best hotel employee in a Costa Del Sol Hotel Trade Gala 17 years ago ….

He married Carmelita Ramos and they had two wonderful children; Inmaculada and Pablo.

Both Carmelita and Manolo were makers and witnesses of the Pastoral Revolution and evolution of the church in Marbella from the beginning of the 70’s or end of the 60’s, I am not sure: people with an established faith who gave testimony with their lives and made truth the saying “what


you do with one of these little ones, You are doing it to Me…”

Manolo started “Cursillos de Cristiandad” (Christian Courses), an activity that has resulted in so many committed people.

He finished the course “Encuentros para el Pueblo de Dios”,(Meetings for Gods People), an initiative by the Bishop at the time Ramon Buxrrais, who taught us to work the Life Revision Method (See, Judge, Act) and in acting, encouraged others to Horizonte, dedicated to the prevention and care of drug dependents, a serious problem in the 80’s. Horizonte is still dedicated to the addicts together with Proyecto Hombre.

His life of faith, prayer, celebration …, has always driven him to work for the underprivileged; in Caritas performing different tasks, one of the latest tasks being La Casa de Acogida Virgen Madre. (Shelter dedicated to the welcoming and care of poor pregnant women.)

In our Parish he has been and is a fundamental pillar: so much so, that we could say he is part of the landscape; here he strengthen himself, and shaped himself in weekly meetings, and from here he attended the School for Pastoral Agents ( now Theological School).

His collaboration in the Liturgy has been more than exceptional : before celebrations he would prepare the altar and the floral arrangements, (including the Mystery Scene (Belen) during the Christmas season), during the celebrations being a lector, and being the first shipment of nominated Eucharistic Ministers authorized by the then Bishop Dorado for Marbella.

I could say many more things but the most important is the love we have for you and the great example of total dedication you are for others a result of your faith and your exemplary eclesial commitment.

A big hug Manolo
You are the greatest.

Encarnita Moreno

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