Words for life, The parable the rich man and the poor Lazarus

La parábola del rico Epulón y el pobre Lázaro_20100926



Our Lord, Jesus Christ, had the gift of being able to teach not only the wise and experts in law but also simple people such as agricultural and dairy farmers etc.

Teaching through parables he dealt with ordinary events to show us something about God and humanity.

The parable we have read in Luke deals with a rich man and a poor man, Lazarus. The rich man dressed in silk and linen and enjoyed sumptuous banquets while Lazarus, sat at his gate, just longed to eat the scraps falling from the rich man’s table.

The rich man died and went to hell. Although he wasn’t responsible for the poverty of Lazarus, he was punished because he not only didn’t help him but showed no sympathy, as if he were drunk or blind. The rich man was so engrossed in his pleasures and luxurious life style that he didn’t see Lazarus or God.

St. John says, «If you don’t love your brother who you can see, how are you going to love God who you can’t see?”

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