Voice of Pope, Parable of the Prodigal Son


Voice of Pope Benedict XVI for LENT


In the Parable of the Prodigal Son, the two sons behave in exactly opposite ways. The younger one leaves home and sinks into ever increasing depravity whereas the elder one remains at home but has an immature relationship with his father. In fact, when the younger one returns, the father is delighted – something which annoys the elder one who refuses to re-enter the house. The two sons represent two aspects of our relationship with God – rebellion and childish obedience. God in his mercy pardons our immaturity and in his love for us, more powerful than our sense of self-depreciation and justice, enables us to enjoy a free loving relationship with Him.


Dear Brothers and Sisters, prayer is not optional…it´s about life or death. In fact, he who prays,entrusts himself to God´s love and will receive eternal life which is God himself.


During this Lenten Season we ask Mary, Mother of the Incarnate Verb and of Spiritual Life to show us how to pray like her Son so that our existence is transformed by the Light of God´s presence.

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