Voice of Pope Francis

Voz Papa Francisco

«I PREFER FAMILIES WITH WRINKLES, WOUNDS AND SCARS BUT WHICH CONTINUE FUNCTIONING«. Thus spoke Pope Francis in Tuxtla Gutierrez (Mexico) after listening to the testimony of four families. Reflecting on the families, he continued: «Which husband and wife don´t quarrel and even more so when the mother-in-law is around? It´s not important because they love each other and have shown their love by kneeling in front of our beloved Lord. The Bishop of Rome went on to say that family life isn´t always easy and it´s necessary to be patient and loving.


It´s wrong to say that a perfect family never quarrels: «There´s nothing wrong with the occasional plate flying through the air!» And suggested when this happens, they should make peace before nightfall. If they didn´t, they would wake up the following day on a war footing which would undermine their married but flawed bliss. No marriage is perfect. «I prefer families with wrinkles, wounds and scars but which continue functioning, because these imperfections are the result of a love which was never easy. Love is never easy but a man and a woman together can create a truly loving relationship for a life-time

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