Voice of Pope Benedict XVI



REGINA COELI— 4th-May-2008

And what does the human person in every epoch need other than this: a firm anchorage in life? Here once again is the wonderful meaning of Mary’s presence among us. Turning our gaze to her, like the first disciples, we are immediately directed to the reality of Jesus: the Mother points to the Son who is no longer physically among us but awaits us in the Father’s house. Jesus invites us not to linger looking upwards, but to be united in prayer together, to invoke the gift of the Holy Spirit. Indeed, only those who are «born from on high», that is, from God’s Spirit, have access to the Kingdom of Heaven (cf. Jn 3: 3-5), and the first to be «born from on high» was, precisely, the Virgin Mary. To her, therefore, let us turn in the fullness of Easter joy.

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