Support Horizonte, Proyecto Hombre


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The NGO, «Asociación Horizonte», has been dealing with the various types of addiction existing in Marbella for the last 34 years. It operates through the programme «Proyecto Hombre», a well-known and successful charity working throughout the world since 1979, and has helped hundreds of families who have had problems with drugs, alcohol etc.
Besides that, since 1986, they have been working with minors and teenagers from two socially deprived and violent neighbourhoods. Two social and educational centres are providing help with schoolwork and various courses to develop good social and work attitudes and skills, thereby reducing failure at school and criminal and violent tendencies. This organisation, originating in the Catholic Church and with the blessing of the state open to everyone and welcomes all those who would like to help.


The president, Isabel García Bardón, spoke for a video interview for our parish


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