Sunday´s Gospel and Words for life, V Sunday in Ordinary Time



GOSPEL                                                                                                        Matthew 5:1-12a

              Seeing the crowds, Jesus went up the hill. There he sat down and was joined by his disciples. Then he began to speak. This is what he taught them: ‘How happy are the poor in spirit;   theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Happy the gentle:   they shall have the earth for their heritage. Happy those who mourn:   they shall be comforted. Happy those who hunger and thirst for what is right:   they shall be satisfied. Happy the merciful:   they shall have mercy shown them. Happy the pure in heart:   they shall see God. Happy the peacemakers:   they shall be called sons of God. Happy those who are persecuted in the cause of right:   theirs is the kingdom of heaven. ‘Happy are you when people abuse you and persecute you and speak all kinds of calumny against you on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.’




We are going to reflect upon the beatitudes that Jesus preach about on the Sermon on the Mount.

It is clear that the beatitudes are intimately connected with the ten Commandments given to Moses to God on Mount Sinai. Jesus states with conviction that he had not come abolish the Law but to fulfil it. “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or prophets, I have come not to abolish them but to fulfil them” (Matt. 5,17).

The beatitudes give us a deep insight in to God´s heart and enable us to look at one another through his eyes and not of the eyes of the world. They help us to cleanse our hearts from sin which gives us a very blurred  perspective of sincere love. God says clearly in the Bible his ways are not our ways, the ways of heaven and earth are very different. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are my ways your ways” Isaiah 55.8.


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