Stations of the cross with 14 works of mercy

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STATIONS OF THE CROSS with 14 Works of Mercy


1st Station: Jesus condemned to death (Visit the sick)           

2nd Station: The Lord carrying the Cross (Feed the hungry)

3rd Station: Jesus falls for the first time (Give drink to the thirsty)

4th Station: Jesus meets his Mother (Give shelter to the pilgrim)

5th Station: The Lord helped by a man from Cyrene (Clothe the naked)

6th Station: La Veronica sponges Jesus’s face (Visit prisoners)

7th Station: Jesus falls for a second time (Bury the dead)

8th Station: Jesus talks to Sisters of Jerusalem (Teach the uneducated)

9th Station: Jesus falls for a third time (Give advice to those who need it)

10th Station: Jesus stripped of his clothes (Correct those who make mistakes)

11th Station: Jesus nailed to the Cross (forgive those who trespass against us)

12th Station: Jesus dies on the Cross (Console the sad)

13th Station: Jesus lowered from the Cross (Tolerate others’ faults)

14th Station: Jesus is laid in the tomb (Pray for the living and the dead)

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