Song to the Virgin of Mount Carmel, Marbella

el mejor plano de la virgen

From the depths of the heart

A cry of restrained love, Long live the Queen of the seas, long live the Mother of God. So many things to tell you next to your entourage and … then, really, a knot of emotion in her throat, silencing the words, and tears come in my eyes with an emotion that can not be contained. In the midst of the crowd, just you and me my Mother of Carmel in a prayer, devotion of my elders, for the people of the sea and carried by devout men with bare feet, offer the best of themselves in total silence and fervor attached to the people that makes everyone feel that today is a great day, because the queen of sailors is coming to visit in a gesture of love and closeness.


Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful is the silent cry of my soul, asking entranced in your path, we never leave, Virgin del Carmen; Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

The chords of the band ring in our ears as a symbol of your visit to the fishing villages and all the people who bring their children in their arms to your feet in the hope that your blessing is a symbol of life in your earthly journey.

Inmaculada Molina

Galería Fotografías de la Virgen del Carmen, Marbella 2016


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