Parish activities during the month of may


From Monday May 2nd, Evening Mass will be celebrated at 20:30 until end of September.

The Lectio Divina for the youth will be held on Thursdays at 19:30 and «How to read the Bible» on Fridays at 19:30.

Novena for the Virgin of Fatima (May 2nd to 13th):


Each day the Rosary will be prayed at 20:00 and there will be a different Choir singing at the 20:30 Evening Mass

  • Colombians on May 2nd,
  • Devotos de la Virgen de Quinche on 3rd
  • Family Group on 4th
  • catechesis group on5th
  • Website and Newsletter group on 6th
  • Philippines on 7th
  • Caritas on 8th
  • International Choir on 9th
  • Family Choir on 10th
  •  Rociero Choir on 11th
  • Sierra Blanca Choir on 12th
  • Youth Choir on 13th


May 7th – First Communion at 12:00

May 26th -Confirmation at 20:30

May 28th – Trip to the Patios of Cordoba

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