Marmen’s Birthday


On November 10th of this year the Church of Calvario cele-brated the 60th birthday of Marmen ,a leading catechist and much loved member of the Parish. Before a beautiful Mass of thanksgiving to mark the event a large group of family mem-bers ,friends and parishioners met together in the church com-mittee rooms downstairs to express their gratitude for her great contribution to the Church, to wish her well and share in her very special celebrations with joy and affection. Many others although they could not attend the Mass held her in their hearts in Spirit from heaven including her mother Carmen and her recently deceased husband Victor.

The selfless and relentless hard work demonstrated by Mar-men is a hard act to follow. For over 11 years she has been ar-dently devoted to teaching the Catechesis to both children and adults, she has devised numerous projects and events always giving her all in time and enthusiasm to the spiritual service of each individual and God. Marmen has put her heart and soul willingly in to doing the work of God and of spreading the Good News of the Gospel to others whilst constantly placing her trust in the Lord.

You may wonder exactly what work she has carried out to com-mend her generosity, for example she has been a constant and loyal member of the family choir .No matter what afflictions she herself has faced she has offered them to the Lord and with joy carried out her role of Eucharistic minister faithfully with gratitude in her heart during each Holy Communion. Marmen visits the sick on a regular basis at the residential home of the Virgin del Carmen and talks about the elderly she comes in to contact with ,respect and true affection .when she gives them the Host blessed by the priest the most precious gift of the body and blood of Christ she always tenderly conveys to them with sincerity and compassion the peace and hope found in Christ alone . Marmen literally wears her love for Jesus on her sleeve and expresses it freely through her thoughts, words, gentle pa-tience and selfless actions. Marmen is also an member of the Adore Adorers and is often to be seen in the chapel in Adora-tion or silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament . Marmen has greatly supported those in need who cross her path inclu-ding the Little Sisters of the Poor in Rhonda and the project of the wells in India and always goes about her work joyfully with a smile encouraging others.

She was a wonderful wife and is a loving mother to three boys and caring family member to the extensive family of which she belongs , she is a loyal friend and a wonderful professional pharmacist who helps to relieve the suffering not only by her extensive knowledge of medicine but through her kind words and counsel ,she is a perfect example of a person who truly lives in Christ.

Dear Marmen, thank you for all the years you have given wi-llingly to the service of God and others, during these 60 years through the love of God you formed a wonderful family with your husband Victor in which God blessed you with three fa-bulous children. Through all the hardships and knock backs you have suffered in life you have always remained firm in your faith and loyal to the will of God . Your life is a living testimony to Christ, you have been an honest and devoted worker in his vineyard shedding his light and love gladly to all those you en-counter and in doing so you have made the world a better place. A million thank yous for all the good you have done and which I know you will continue to do resolutely , you are an integral part of our community and lives as you accompany us all along the path of faith , you are the salt of the earth of which Christ speaks and for this we hold your dear in our hearts. We pray that God will reward you with many more years of his blessings and joy. We always think of you with love , gratitude and above all we always keep you in our prayers. Today the whole of hea-ven will be praying for you and you already know that you are much valued here at Calvario and that we are very happy to join in your celebrations.

May our Lord continue to bless you all the days of your life may he always walk by your side ,my our Lady protect you and may the Holy Spirit fill you with his grace and gifts. We love you Marmen.


Mª Pilar Ramirez Balboteo

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