Lectio Divina Reflectión, words of pope Francis, X SOT



Words for life 5th June 2016

Ordinary Time X(C)


  1. In the reading from Luke, Jesus went to a town called Naim in Galilee to the south of Mt. Tabor. There he saw a large crowd of towns people following a stretcher carrying the body of the dead son of a widow to be buried.
  1. What does our faith teach us about the death of children or deaths caused by natural disasters?

    – We are told that everybody comes to the world through the love of our parents and God who endows us with a soul. In God’s plan, all of us have a special mission which is our duty not only to find but to fulfill.

  2.  It might be difficult to believe but there are people who carry out their mission in the history of salvation though they only live a few months or years. What we don’t understand are the reasons behind all this suffering that we have to endure. Godsends his Son and we see Him on the cross. Jesus on the cross doesn’t give us many explanations but he tells us to trust in our Lord. In this way we are in God’s hands which couldn’t be better.

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