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Words for life 22nd May 2016    

The Most Holy Trinity

1.Today, we are celebrating the Most Holy Trinity which is the central mystery of our faith. Every time we do the sign of the cross, we practise our faith: «In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit». We believe in One God who is three persons in one: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
2. God first reveals Himself before the Coming of Jesus, in Exodus when God appears to Moses and says: «I am who I am» (Ex.3,14). These are the words of Yahwe who told Moses all that we could see and touch were His, the eternal being.
3. Jesus is the one who first reveals the mystery of the Father and the Son. He tells us that he is the Son of God and his Father has sent him. He teaches us to pray to God saying » Our Father…»
4. The Holy Spirit is also present when the Spirit appears in the form of a dove during the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan. During the Last Supper Jesus tells his disciples: «It is better for you that I go away because as long as I do not leave, the Helper will not come to you»(Jn. 16,7).

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