Lectio Divina Reflectión, words of pope Francis, Corpus Christi



Words for life 29th May 2016             

       Corpus Christi 2016

  1. The Mystery of God’s love.

Today we celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi – the gift of God’s love for us.

  1. His presence

The Church uses the word «transubstaniation» to explain what happens in the Eucharist – the bread and wine are converted into the Body and Blood of Christ, only the outward signs of the bread and wine remaining.

  1. Its interpretation

Just as we prepare our house when we have got guests coming, so we purify our soul to be ready to meet our Lord. If for some reason we can’t attend Mass, we can take a spiritual Communion by saying: «Like the Saints, I would like to receive you with the same purity, humility, devotion, spirit and fervour as your Holy Mother Mary did.



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