Lectio Divina Reflectión, Words for life

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1. Having been anointed as a prophet by Elijah, Elisha went to say goodbye to his family, slew his two oxen and burnt his tools.

2. Elisha gave his all in following Elijah. Putting his trust in the Lord, there was no way back for him just like the conquistadors (Hernan Cortes) in America.

3. In today’s Gospel, we are told that somebody said to the Lord that he would follow Him but that first he had to say goodbye to his family. Jesus said to him: «Whoever has put his hand to the plough, and looks back, is not fit for the kingdom of God.» At the decisive moment one might be tempted to wish that one hadn’t got married or one hadn’t become a priest. At that point one has to put one’s trust in the Lord, not look back, pray for courage and go ahead.



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