Lectio Divina Reflectión II Sunday of Lent Sunday´s Gospel

Tabor-fano-color (Copiar)

Words for life

II Sunday of Lent

Today on the 2nd Sunday of Lent we have read about the Transfiguration of the Lord in the Gospel of St. Luke. Jesus took Peter, John and James and went up the mountain to pray and talk to his Father.

The mountain is a high place which allows us to contemplate the beauty of Creation and to distance ourselves for a time from the noise and bustle of everyday life, enabling us to recuperate spiritually and to see God all around us.

There are many moments in our life when we pray: many footballers pray when they score a goal, when we mourn and make the sign of the cross before the deceased, when we ask for help before an exam, when we stop in front of a statue of the Virgin of Carmen…

Not only do we pray on important occasions but everyday we have to put ourselves into contact with God and ask his blessings on our endeavours.

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