Lectio Divina Reflectión II Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Words for life: Wedding at Cana

Our Lord, the Virgin Mary, the disciples and some relatives were on their way to a wedding at Cana in Galilee. Who doesn’t like going to a wedding? We meet our family, friends and have a good time. Also it’s a special occasion in which a man and a woman are united in the presence of God for a life-time.

In 1994 Pope John Paul ll wrote a letter to the family, mentioning the Wedding at Cana. The presence of Jesus with the Virgin Mary and his disciples in this Wedding show us that marriage and family are part of God’s Revelation and the History of Salvation.

Marriage is of great importance. The Church, faithful to Jesus Christ’s message, reminds us that marriage symbolizes a vocation for love and devotion, and a path towards maturity, sacrifice and happiness.

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