Greetings P. Rafael January 2019


For a few days we have been celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is ama-zing that God, Creator of the entire Universe came down to earth as a tiny baby.
Today and for the rest of our li-ves we always need to have the inner capacity to be astounded by certain events. It is this abi-lity within ourselves that ena-bles us to understand the mi-raculous, those things that to the human eye and mind seem unbelievable. When the priests give Holy Communion and distribute the Host they do so with an inner sense of awe and amazement at the same time they are spiritually fully aware that the bread really transfor-ms in to the Living Body and Blood of Christ for this is the hand of God at work and with God everything is possible. The Holy Eucharist is a mira-culous gift of grace and love given to mankind.
Mothers and Fathers are always astounded at the birth of their new born baby so perfectly formed, their little eyes for see-ing their ears for hearing ,their tiny feet, their gradual develo-pment in to a child where they are able to walk and talk, above all they are given from the very moment of their conception a beautiful eternal soul by God. It is even more astounding to

acknowledge that these tiny infants and every human that walks the earth has been mo-delled by God in His image.
For a few days we have been celebrating the birth of the Christ child, the only Son of God, our Redeemer, born in a simple stable in Bethlehem. This event may have occurred over 2000 years ago ,but it is still as relevant to us today in 2018, as Christ’s presence amazingly continues to bring peace and hope in our hearts . It’s incredible to realise that “Emmanuel”, God is truly with us and will continue to be for eternity.
Soon we will begin a New year 2019 . At this time of year we sincerely pray to the child Jes-us not only for our own fami-lies but especially for families experiencing great difficulties and hardships in the world. If we all joined together in Christian solidarity we could really help relieve the suffering of all those who are unemplo-yed and homeless.

Rafael Rodríguez Sainz de Rozas

Parish priest of Calvario.Marbella

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