Ecological Gardens of our Parish

Huerto Ecologico 01 (Copiar)

Where there’s love, God is at work and this is happening right here in the small gardens behind our Parish Church.


Teresa Celiane with the help of Elian started this project four months ago. Teresa had the brilliant idea of using the seeds of leftover fruits and vegetables and planting them!!In the nursery God’s loving hand hasn’t kept us waiting long!! Soon it began to produce a harvest of delicious fruits and vegetables which are used in the special meals and dinners organised by the Parish.

huerto ecológico 2 (Copiar)

Recently we have harvested green beans, potatoes, tomatoes,chilly peppers,lettuce,pumpkin..all organically grown without chemicals!!

huerto ecológico 3 (Copiar)

Please contact Teresa’s telephone number 619 579 817 or Sacristy for further information or write to


Huerto Ecologico 02 (Copiar)

Be generous and help us with our Ecological Gardens by giving gardening tools, donating seeds…to keep God’s work up. We are also the fruits of His work!!

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Jardín japonés


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Algarrobo, de  la zona del gran chaco, Bolivia.   Está en el la Parroquia Santo Cristo del Calvario de Marbella. Tiene un año

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