Caritas dinner, United to assist all the needy

Caritas dinner, United to assist all the needy

As every year, our Parish celebra-ted our annual “summer dinner” to collect funds for Caritas. On august 11th the success of the Caritas din-ner was made possible thanks to the great team of volunteers, as well as the participation of all the different Parish groups collabora-ting for this wonderful cause. This year, with the help of everybody physically and emotionally invol-ved, we were able to collect the sum of 5,250.00 euros. Sponsors-hips from hotels, shops and local businesses both private and offi-cial enterprises made themselves present in such an evening.

Everybody enjoyed the beautiful, elegant surroundings enhanced by decorations made with the greatest care; as well as the de-licious meat dish cooked by our unconditional and loving Deacon Pedro, whilst listening, for the first time, to the “TuttiFruti” group per-form. This improvisation gave way to a “HUG” by all present united in one by the song “Color of Hope” in favor of all the needy.

THANKS once again.

Blasi Benito

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