Advent, a time of Expectation  and Hopè

Advent, a time of Expectation  and Hopè.

The first Sunday in December marks the beginning of the season of Advent. On this Sunday we begin the new li-turgical year of the Churches Calendar, Cycle C. This year we are called to re­examine and reflect upon the gospel of Saint Luke . The gospel of Luke was written especially for the community of second generation Christians after the gospels of Saint Mark and Matthew between AD 80 and 90.

Saint Luke’s gospel is known as the” Gospel of Mercy”, singular to the gospel are the well known Parables of Mercy, the Lost Sheep the Lost Coin the Prodigal Son and the Good Sa-maritan. Its is in Luke’s Gospel alone

in chapter 24 that we find the account of Jesus with his disciples on the road to Emmaus. In the Church we have a men’s and women’s group known as the Disciples of Emmaus we offer our prayers especially for all those in the group who are about to participate in a special retreat and for the children’s retreat known as Effeta

Advent is a time of Hope it signifies fundamentally that the presence of Christ is among us . Advent is a spe-cial gift of grace a blessing given from God to his children, as a time of spi-ritual guidance for peace and eternal happiness.

Rafael Rodríguez Sainz de Rozas Parish priest of Calvario.Marbella


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